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Hello, and welcome to the Club Penguin Wiki! This wiki was started May 3, 2009 by an unknown creator.

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We now run by a council; consisting of five users. Also, User page edits and sub-page making are not one of the main priorities around here; nor will sub-pages be created unless planning a wiki-wide gathering or such.

You can now enter a picture of your penguin in a cool outfit, and then we'll have a contest to see which one wins!

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Featured article of 6 months

Rockhopper! Rockhoppy Read the full article, Rockhopper

Rockhopper is a pirate penguin who sails on his own ship, the Migrator to Rockhopper Island. The Voyage there and back takes around two months. Rockhopper will sail to Rockhopper Island continuously, finding and making treasure on the way. He comes to Club Penguin and stays for 1-2 weeks. He is the cause for many parties and events in Club Penguin such as the Fall Fair and Pirate Party. Rockhopper decorates his ship for the occasions. He sells his treasure in the Ships Hold, brining one free item and a few members-only ones. He always docks at the Beach, but when he is near shore, Penguins can track his progress to shore four days before the docking, from the Beacon Telescope.


This week's pin is a seashell. It is hidden at the iceberg.

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